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Dec 15, 2017
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About us

Established in 1990, ALCEDO is a company which is working in the distribution field of inputs for agriculture, working, at present, for about a third of Romanian farmers market.

Today, after a quarter century, ALCEDO enjoys being the largest distributor of crop protection products and seeds in Romania and one of the main players on the fertilizers distribution.

Since 2011, due the quality of our services and team performance, Sumitomo Corporation, one of the largest companies in Japan and abroad, a company which has approximately 72 billion dollars turnover, becomes majority shareholder.

ALCEDO group incorporates Alchimex – the largest local formulator of plant protection products and foliar fertilizers in Romania. Products formulate by Alchimex cover 6% of plant protection products used by Romanian farmers.

ALCEDO development has been done in several directions: from distribution activities to agricultural production and sales traders.

Today, ALCEDO is the first distributor in Romania for many international companies in the field of plant protection products, seeds or fertilizers.


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