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Dec 12, 2017
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ALCEDO franchisee

SC ALCEDO S.R.L. is a leader in the distribution of plant protection products (PPP) and seeds in Romania and the marketing studies conducted by the companies that are specialized in the field, confirm that ALCEDO brand is recognized by more than 80% of Romania’s farmers.

Based on the accumulated experience, ALCEDO offers franchises to those partners who want to start a business in the distribution of PPPs. They can benefit from the ALCEDO experience, regarding the legislation concerning the establishment of a fito-pharmacy, staff training, presentation and promotion of products etc.

The conditions that must be fulfilled by those who want to open an ALCEDO fito-pharmacy franchise are:

– The person who will handle the selling of plant protection products will have good knowledge and studies in the field of agriculture.
– The area where the fito-pharmacy is going to function has to dispose of a space for sale, a warehouse, a toilet, and to have a nice and neat aspect;
– The area in which the fito-pharmacy functions (or that is going be established) needs to have potential for selling the products.

ALCEDO franchisee will have to fully respect the trading conditions of selling the PPPs, that are imposed by ALCEDO, in order to benefit the ALCEDO reputation.

Those interested are asked to send a cover letter by fax 021.404.32.06 or by e-mail

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